april, 2017

20apr - 26GanztägigEmbodied Life Mentorship ProgramGraduate Retreat with Russell Delman


The Embodied Life Mentorship Program is for people who would like to explore these teachings more deeply. The same group of people will meet for six week-long retreats over three years. The previous ELMP at Johanneshof was deeply transformative for the students. Attending a retreat or seminar with Russell is a requirement before being accepted into the program. If you are interested in exploring this further, please visit www.russelldelman.com for more information.


17 Uhr


ca. 13 Uhr


510€ in der Suite (mit Bad) – 460€ im EZ – 390€ im DZ – 320€ im MZ
The teaching fee is paid directly to the Embodied Life School!
Die Lehrgebühr wird separat an die Embodied Life School gezahlt!

Contact: office@russelldelman.com


april 20 (Donnerstag) - 26 (Mittwoch)


Buddhistisches Studienzentrum Johanneshof

Quellenweg 4, 79737 Herrischried-Großherrischwand, Deutschland

Lehrer / Organisator